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Tomorrow, the "My hero husband" will be able to see the whole series. Although I an very happy, I still feel a little reluctant to give up. This TV play is indeed very good, it is easy and enjoyable to watch. It is more suitable for two people to watch an episode during a break after a busy day of work.

In addtion, It's decided that I will take the IELTS today. Because I think IELTS oral if for real people, so as long as I  practice enough and don't be nervous when facing real people, I think it will be fine. So I am going to start preparing the words for IELTS. In addition, my grammer is weak, so I need to understand the grammer first, and then do some IELTS reading and writing exercises.

To be honest, it is indeed very important to reflect on ourselves every day, which can better urge us. I hope Du and I can stick to it.


Reply to Du Lina

Yes, I do.

I also heard the sound of fireworks. At that time, I wanted to go out and have a look. But because of the COVID-19, we couldn’t get out of the campus, what a pity! I think if there is no COVID-19, I will take you to see fireworks and eat delicious food, it is nice to think. But everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although we can not go out, we can make full use of our time, study hard and increase our knowledge. We still have a long time to live in the future days. Next Lantern Festival, I hope to go with you to watch fireworks, to eat delicious food, such as barbecue you especially want to eat recently, and boiled meat.

Besides, although the result is not very good this time, I believe that you can do it next time. As long as we follow the plan, and go step by step, do not give up halfway! I believe that the next exam score will be very high! Come on!


Sad day

Today is a sad day, Wu Mengda is dead. I have watched his movies since I was a child, and I like him and Zhou Xingchi very much. I think the two of them are a perfect match. It feels very uncomfortable, as if he is still with us. 

Recently I found that the salted duck eggs are indeed quite delicious. This seller is not bad, the eggs is delicous to taste.


Lantern Festival

元宵节:Lantern Festival

元宵:rice dumplings/rice balls

看花灯:view lanterns

猜谜游戏:riddle guessing games

踩高跷:stilt walking

非常重要的节日:a festival with great significance

In the morning, I inquired about my CET-6 grade, 336, which lead to this article and more and more articles in the next four months. After four months of hard work, I hope that my CET-6 grade can reach 450. I also believe that I will get a certificate of conformity through protracted and unremitting efforts.

Besides, I modify my literature review, mainly modify the part of the deep neural network’s role in deep reinforcement learn (DRL). The DNN plays a vital role in DRL, which is used to fit the value function and policy function.

In the evening, I hear the sound of firecrackers, maybe due to Lantern Festival. Also, I consider the patriarchal attitude(重男轻女的态度), and I firmly believe that we have the right to choose not to forgive others. I am willing to do my best to make my children be surrounded by love. Do you want to?

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